Walk through metal detectors fall into one of two general categories. The first style of walk through metal detectors provide single zone detection. The second style provides multi zone detection. basic multi zone detectors like the Garrett MT 5500 will identify that the target is on the left side or right side. To understand the difference, i will provide a quick example. Let's say that an individual walks through the opening of metal detector with a concealed weapon located at their ankles. Both the single and multi zone detectorswill locate the target. The difference between the two is that the multi zone detector will be able to identify the location of the target, on either the left or right side of the individual. More advance multi zone detectors like the Garrett PD 6500 will pinpoint the specific location from head to toe and on the left or right side.

Pinpointing the location of the target quickly is important so that your security personnel can respond swiftly.Larger crowds require greater through put. If you are scanning a larger volume of individuals, a multi zone metal detector will let you process more individuals quicker.


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